How to Recover Apple Account
Apple ID Account Recovery

Apple Account Recovery

Forgot your Password of Apple ID Account? Try solution to Recover it

The person who is having the Apple device is well known about the fact that Apple account is how much important for them. For any single purchase or to use any service Apple account is required for the users and Apple Account Recovery as well. So the account access of Apple is must for their services and use of iPhone. If there is the case when you forgot the access details like username and password then you must go for Apple Account Recovery. The process where you are gonna need the technical help to perform the steps of Apple Account Recovery.

How to Recover Apple Account

Here what we suggest is to follow the mentioned process about Apple Account Recovery. Apple proffers the many ways for Apple Account Recovery you just need to choose one of them which is suitable for you. One is Apple account recovery by two step authentication and another is by security question. The process also differentiated on the basis of iPhone and Mac accordingly where you need to do Apple Account Recovery.

Steps to Recover Apple Account password

  1. First you need to be sure about you are using ios 10 or later.
  2. Next is to go to the settings of your device.
  3. Click on your name then go to password & security.
  4. Select the option change password given under ‘password & security’ and follow the onscreen instruction for Apple ID account recovery or password.
  5. Must notice that if your device is ios 10.2 or earlier the go to iCloud.
  6. Next is Tap your name then click password & security.
  7. Choose change password and further follow the instructions given for Apple account recovery.

Steps for Apple ID Account Recovery by Security Question

  • Open the browser and go to and input your Apple ID that you want to recover.
  • Next is click ‘I need to reset my Apple ID password’.
  • You will get two option to reset password one is get an email and another one is answer security questions.
  • Click get an email and Apple will send a link in your recovery mail for password reset.
  • Click the link and type a new password twice and click reset password.
  • If you don't have access to your Apple id account recovery mail choose Answer security questions and provide your birth date and continue.
  • In the new page answer two of your security questions correctly for Apple account recovery.
  • Once Apple verify that your answer is correct then a new page will open where you can reset your password.
  • Create a new password using a strong combination of alphanumeric.
  • Enter the same password again and tap reset password.

Apple Account Recovery by Two Step Verification

  1. First of all go to and type your Apple account ID
  2. You will be asked to confirm your phone number select use two-step authentication
  3. Now type your Apple ID again and enter the recovery key you have received in your trusted device for two-step verification.
  4. Click continue and in the new page you can create a new password for Apple account.

Apple ID Account Recovery

After knowing about the importance of Apple account it is quite impossible to use it's services without the account. So, you must have access to your Apple account in order to use Apple device. But due to some certain situation if you lost the access then you immediately need to do Apple ID Account Recovery. Apple devices are most secure devices and account too so hacking is probably not the issue but forgot password is. If you are unaware about the Apple ID Account Recovery then here can follow the solution. After following the process you just do not need to wait any further, the Apple Acocunt Recovery process has been done successfully. If you stuck at any step of Apple id account recovery then basically you have to do one simple thing that is to contact the Apple help professionals for Apple Account Recovery.



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