Computer Keeps Restarting
Computer Keeps Restarting

Computer Keeps Restarting

If your computer keeps restarting and you are tired of searching for the solution because you have no idea about this automatic restarting error, then you would require to try some process about computer keeps restarting functioning to fix this. Basically there is no other reason behind it except some virus infection on the computer or currupted drive. It is suggested to check on Hardware once like RAM, CPU and external device to ensure the reason. Well it is hard to find the cause if computer keeps restarting without warning but you can fix it by these steps.

How to fix if your Computer Keeps Restarting

Steps to fix Computer keeps Restarting Error

  1. First turn on your computer.
  2. And before showing the Windows logo, you need to long press the F8 key on the keyboard. In this way, it will show you the boot menu.
  3. Then you need to click on the Safe Mode option.
  4. Thereafter, you need to boot your PC in the Safe Mode and press the Windows Key and R key simultaneously.
  5. After that, in the Run dialog box, you need to type 'sysdm.cpl' and then click on the OK option.
  6. Further, you need to navigate to the Advanced tab.
  7. Then you need to click on the Settings option under the 'Startup and Recovery' option.
  8. In addition, under the System Failure, you will see 'Automatically Restart' option, you need to disable the option.
  9. Also, you need to select the box beside the 'Write an event to the system log' as this allows the system to record the troubles occurring in the system.
  10. Then you will require to click on the OK option in order to save the changes.

Computer Keeps Restarting Randomly

  • Moreover, you can check for these given points in order to resolve your issue of the Computer Keeps Restarting.
  • You should scan for viruses or malware on the computer as sometimes it may affect the functioning of the PC.
  • Also, you should check for the hardware issues.
  • Ensure that you have updated all your computer drives.
  • Besides, the change in registry files or somehow bad registry have installed on the computer may command the computer to restart again and again.

Even after doing all the above practices, you are not able to resolve the computer keeps restarting issue then change your antivirus by installing new one. Else these were some only solution for Computer Keeps Restarting.



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