How do I use the ASUS Recovery Disc
How do I use the ASUS Recovery Disc

How do I use the ASUS Recovery Disc

If the users want to utilize their Asus recovery disc then they can simply do it by following some of the steps that are mentioned below in this article. This is guidance for How do I use the ASUS Recovery Disc for different version Windows like XP, Vista, 7, 8 or 10.

Steps for How do I Use the Asus Recovery Disc

  • First of all the users need to connect an external hard drive to their Asus systems.
  • Users also are required to connect the USB cable with it.
  • Users then should remember to move all their files and documents to the external drive as the reformatting will remove all the data and files.
  • Now the users are required to restart the computer and after that select on F8 button.
  • By doing this the Asus logo will be displayed.
  • Then the users need to select on the option named boot device.
  • The users then should insert the cd or DVD and then make use of the arrow keys to select the boot device option.
  • Now click on the windows set up option that is mentioned under the windows boot manager menu.
  • Further, click on the recover system to entire HD and select on yes.
  • By doing this the formatting will start.
  • Select ok once the reformatting is completed.
  • Once the formatting process is completed users are supposed to eject the recovery disk from their systems.

So, this is how the process has been completed for How do I use the ASUS Recovery Disc. And hopefully it would be successfull too.

Use the ASUS Recovery Disc

Therefore, these are the steps that the users can follow if they want to use their Asus recovery disc and searching for How do I use the ASUS Recovery Disc. On the other hand, if the users face any issue or have any questions regarding these mentioned steps then they can simply get help by the ASUS help center and can get the best help and support from the concerned representatives about How do I use the ASUS Recovery Disc or any other.



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