How to Send Zip File in Gmail
How to Send Zip File in Gmail

How to Send Zip File in Gmail

Attach Zip files in Gmail instantly

Zip files are a type of compressed file which you can send or receive in your Gmail account. It can be used for uploading, downloading multiple types of files or program but for how to send zip file in Gmail the process is different. The compressed Zips are generally used for text documents, movies, music, and it is very easy to send zip file in Gmail. The Zip files are made as there are times when you have a large file and an email has a specific amount of file that you can send. So to send these large files to the other user you have to compress the file to a smaller version and then only it will work for how to send zip file in Gmail.

Here is a procedure of How to send Zip files in Gmail

  • Using a program of a zip file, first of all, compress your files. Convert your file and make it a smaller version. Save the file from archive to a folder on your computer and click on ok.
  • Open your Gmail account from the and then enter your email ID and password.
  • Now compose your email with a message.
  • Click on attach a file in the message section which would hence open the browser in your computer.
  • Find your Zip file which you saved from the archive and click on open. Your file will now appear as an attached document at the bottom of your email.
  • Click send and now your Zip file can be easily opened by the recipient email by clicking on the file in the message.

Now the process has been completed for How to send zip file in Gmail successfully.

How to Send Zip Files Over Gmail

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