How to Set Homepage in Firefox
How to Set Homepage in Firefox

How to Set Homepage in Firefox

How to Make Homepage on Mozilla Firefox

Despite being the leader of the search engine industry, Google doesn’t appear as the default homepage in every browser and set homepage firefox. The range of browsers includes Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari so here we will explain how to set homepage firefox. By our today’s post, we will be discussing the steps of configuring Google as set homepage firefox. We also promise to present the methods of setting Google as the default homepage in Safari and Internet Explorer. Check out the steps of How to Set Homepage in Firefox first, and then the other browsers.

How to Set Homepage in Firefox

Follow the provided steps for How to Set Homepage in Firefox here and can easily customize your Homepage on Mozilla.

  • Open the Mozilla Firefox window
  • Go to the upper right corner of the opened window
  • Click on Tools
  • A menu will appear
  • Choose the Internet Options from this menu
  • Navigate to the Search window and then select Settings
  • Here you need to select Google as your preferred option
  • Click on Set as Default
  • It will make Google as your default homepage
  • Choose the window again and click to open the web browser

Set Homepage Firefox

You can now easily Set Homepage Firefox as we have mentioned the steps above. To configure Google as your homepage in Safari or Internet Explorer, you need to contact the support professionals elected by Google. To serve the browsing lovers, Google has chosen a group of experienced support engineers for How to Set Homepage in Firefox. These engineers are specially trained and dedicated to their work. They help and guide the browsing lovers in configuring their default homepages. Google professionals are also assisting the browsing lovers in dealing with their surfing issues or How to Set Homepage in Firefox. They went through special training sessions conducted by world-class trainers to Set Homepage Firefox.



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