How to Update Google Play Store App
How to Update Google Play Store App

How to Update Google Play Store App

Most of the time Google Play Store App is updated periodically whenever new updates will be available. Every time it happens even without you know it as Google Play Store update runs in the background. But in case you found that Google Play store is not updated then you can forcibly check for it by applying the method How to Update Google Play Store App described below.

All about Google Play Store App

Google is the topmost running American based multinational technology company & basically working on the internet related services and its products. Through this internet services, it means that it provides the online advertising technologies, Google search, cloud computing, software services, and even hardware services. One of the most used its service is Google Play Store that is really very essential for the Android phones to run every app. And also know about How to Update Google Play Store App here.

Procedure to update Google play store App

Step 1: Go to the access device, in which the user wants to update its & Google play store.

Step 2: Just unlock your required device.

Step 3: After that just search for the ‘Google Play App’ in the phone.

Step 4: When found then just make it open in your device.

Step 5: After scrolling down just click on the settings option.

Step 7: Have a look at the option at play store version.

Step 8:Here it will show you the required app is up to date or not.

Step 9: It will show the required version of the google play store.

Step 10: Suppose if the app is not up to date, then there it will show you to make it update to the latest version of the software which is available.

Now the process for How to Update Google Play Store App has been completed and successfully too.

Update Google Play Store App

Hence, after following all these steps you will be able to get the updated version of the ‘Google play store’. And then a user can take advantage of the Google play services. But if there is any kind of trouble while downloading the app then kindly get help from Google Play help center. This is available all over the world and that too 24/7 hours in a day service, which means that a common person can avail there help service and hence get the required solution in every field. So, without thinking twice one should directly consult to experts for How to Update Google Play Store App or any other.



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